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Car Moving Company

Are you looking for a car moving company to transport your vehicle? Moving Clicks can connect you with an auto moving company that will give you the best rates in the country. Whether you need a car transport service for a national transport, or an international vehicle moving company, we can help you find the right company.

Why car transport service? If you have ever tried to move a car on your own, you know what a hassle it can be. Finding a good car transport company can take the stress out of moving and save you time and heartache. Fill out the free proposal form above and get an estimate from a trusted vehicle moving company.

Vehicle Transport Service

Years ago, a family packed their belongings into the family car and moved to their new home. But, times have changed. Many families have two, three, four or more vehicles. It’s easier and less complicated to have a car transport company move the vehicles.

There are many places to find a car moving company, but Moving Clicks puts the necessary information at your fingertips. Enter the necessary information to find a list of automobile moving companies that can fill your transport needs. Your moving company may offer auto transportation services, but they are usually more expensive than a car transport service. Check your options before making a final decision.

With any moving service, verify they are licensed, insured and bonded. Get proof of this information in writing. It’s also important to verify what is insured. This will help you understand if additional insurance coverage is needed for your vehicles. Car transport companies are licensed and regulated by the Department of Transportation.

Auto Transport Services

Before the vehicle Transportation Company takes possession of your automobiles, do a thorough inspection and note any problems with the autos. This should be signed by you or your representative and an employee of the car moving company. Save a copy of this inspection in a safe place and do a thorough inspection of your car after the move.

These are some auto transport tips for you –

  • Clean your car because that makes it easier to do a thorough inspection
  • Remove any personal belongings before leaving the vehicle with a car transportation service.
  • Any items that can be easily removed from the car should be removed before leaving it for transport.
  • Lower or remove your antennae and to have less than half a tank of gas in the tank.
  • Turn the alarm off or disconnect it for transport. Vehicle alarms have been known to sound during transport and to drain a battery.
Each of these tips will help prevent potential problems and make the vehicle pick up easier after it’s transported. Visit the Moving Clicks auto transport page to obtain a list of automobile transportation services in your area.

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